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Great discovery Czech Scientists have developed a home test for prostate cancer

For prostate cancer, which is the most common type of malignant cancer of men in the Czech Republic, is a very important early diagnosis, as in the early stages can be in the majority of cases successfully treated.

Brnianska scientists, Mendel University now introduced a groundbreaking and unique novelty in the world: home test that can detect prostate cancer. It works simply, like a normal pregnancy test, reported today news portal Novinky.cz.

Analyzed more than 500 patients
A team of scientists from the laboratory metallomics and nanotechnology led by Professor René Kizek over four years working with the amino acid sarcosine, which according to the findings of American scientists in 2009 has emerged as one of the potential indicators of prostate disease.

Brnianska scientists research collaboration with the Department of Urology teaching hospitals in the Prague Motol and St. Anne in Brno.

One of the scientists Zbynek Heger told the Czech daily Pravo, the analyzed samples of more than 500 patients and as a result developed a simple sensor for home diagnostic content of sarcosine in the urine.

The sensor is thus similar to the pregnancy test. “People should be able to buy at a pharmacy or in a store for a few dollars,” said Heger.

The test is ready
Men who do not like to go to a urologist for an unpleasant examinations, home dipped piece of paper into a container with urine and show them a negative or positive result. If necessary, then promptly selected for specialized doctors.

Brnianska researchers found significantly elevated levels of sarcosine frequently occurring in patients with prostate cancer.

This type of cancer does not hurt and are more pronounced until they metastasize. Thanks to regular tests should not podchytila disease in the earliest stage.

Professor Kizek added that its role dragged to the end, because the test is essentially a back-up for common use. Now increasingly look for a partner who would be their idea used commercially, wrote portal Novinky.cz.