Medical tricorder

portable medical scanner

A medical tricorder is a handheld portable scanning device to be used by consumers to self-diagnose medical conditions within seconds and take basic vital measurements.

Device should be able to do the following:
– disease diagnosis.
– show ongoing personal health metrics such as heart rate.
– Monitor ongoing health.
– summarize a person’s state of health.
– confirm quickly if a person is healthy or not.

Scanadu vitals tricorder made by the company Scanadu is an electronic device designed for people to measure the following physiological parameters: blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and pulse oxymetry—all cuffless, wireless and in seconds.

The vital signs are obtained from a gentle touch with the left hand on the Scanadu Vitals device touching the left side of the forehead. All measurements are sent via Bluetooth LE to the user’s smartphone. The information is designed to be displayed, stored and shared via the Scanadu app.

The first edition of the device, named Scanadu ScoutTM is now being tested.
Scanadu Urine is a urine test kit designed for people to check for several health conditions by measuring the levels of chemicals (glucose, creatinine, protein, leukocytes, nitrites, blood, bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketone, specific gravity, microalbumin and pH) in a urine sample.