Non-invasive glucose sensors

Noninvasive glucose refers to the measurement of blood glucose levels without drawing blood, puncturing the skin, or causing pain.

Israeli company Integrity Applications has begun the process with the FDA to bring its noninvasive glucose monitoring device, GlucoTrack, to the US. The technology already has a CE Mark.
GlucoTrack performs three independent measurements simultaneously, using thermal, ultrasound, and electromagnetic technologies.

pic-clip-190x190 gluco track 1







The user wears a clip on his or her ear, and GlucoTrack uses a combination of sensors to determine blood glucose level, then sends the data to handheld device about the size of a smartphone. The ear clip still has to be calibrated every six months, and the calibration presumably requires drawing blood.

The results are weighted, using a patented, unique algorithm to provide a reading which is displayed on a color touch screen of the device by large, clear digits. The result is announced verbally as well, allowing visually impaired users.


gluco wise

Company MediWise comes on market with GlucoWise technology. How does GlucoWise™ measure blood glucose levels? The glucose levels are extracted by a non-invasive technique which transmits low-power radio waves through a section of the human body, such as the area between the thumb and forefinger or the earlobe. These areas have adequate blood supply and are thin enough for waves to pass through the tissue. These signals are then received by a sensor on the opposite side of the GlucoWise device, where the data about the characteristics of the blood within the flesh are collected and analysed.

Glucosense Diagnostics is developing a device to directly monitor blood glucose levels using a low-powered laser sensor to measure blood glucose levels within 30 seconds.